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Recensioni di escort della scorta di élite a Bruxelles e in Europa | Love Escorts
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Independent escort
Brussels / Belgium
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Tommy Byron
Posted by: Tommy Byron, the: 20/12/2018 Overall Rating: 5.0
Meeting date: 14/12/2018
Meeting duration: 1 hour
Meeting location: Brussels / Belgium  Belgium
Looks: 4.5
Services: 5.0
Communication: 4.5

What a lady... I meet her during my last visist Brussels. Photos are very close to real, i think is beter in real, her kisses, her touch her skin is amazing. About sex was fantastic, everything i want, she had understand what i want... and she did it...
Amazing women!!!

100% Verified
Independent escort
Bratislava / Slovakia
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Paul Kampel
Posted by: Paul Kampel, the: 05/11/2018 Overall Rating: 5.0
Meeting date: 01/11/2018
Meeting duration: 48 hrs / weekend
Meeting location: Vienna / Austria  Austria
Looks: 5.0
Services: 5.0
Communication: 5.0

One of the best escort I met till now. Beautiful, sensual and pleasant personality. She knows how to make her client's comfortable. An amazing young woman, great personality with the most amazing smile and eyes that are so hypnotic and very captivating. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen which can bring any man to his knees. Great woman with everything perfect, you cannot ask for a more perfect woman!

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